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.Finger Blurbs...
by mayhemm @ [02:16 PM] February 28 2001

Graeme Devine updated his .plan file today with some comments and another build for Macs for Quake3 (if ur into that:/) Here's a little of what he had to say:
Given the beta hardware, daily builds of OS X, hourly patch dumps for the GF3 OpenGL driver, and content/code changes from id, the keynote build ran exceptionally well. We did not have time to completely optimize for PPC or OS X, as I understand more and more about PPC and Altivec programming, I'm seeing more and more opportunities.

Alliance+PC Gamer Official Word
by mayhemm @ [02:09 PM] February 28 2001

Although mentioned previously, it's now official. Alliance 2.4 CTF/DM mod for Q3A will be on the cover cd of the May issue of PC Gamer. The issue should be in stores on April 10th.
If you just can't wait to get Alliance, head to the Alliance site and start downloading the 134 MB of pure Q3 goodness

Eternal Champion Q3A Mod Beta Call-up
by mayhemm @ [08:35 AM] February 28 2001

Fatferret is sending out a beta-tester call-up to anyone who is interested in hosting or playing their Q3AMod Eternal Champion, which has just successfully passed the alpha test stage. What is Eternal Champion you may ask?  Well, pretty good question:
Eternal Champion is a PERSISTENT stat mod with kill stats, rankings (much like battle.net calculates them), and player/weapon kill tracking. This, however, is only the icing. In Eternal Champion, players gain points to buy skills on the fatferret web site. These skills will increase speed, damage, jumping velocity, and grant weapons and special abilities as well as mana skills that can enhance your character temporarily. These skills are persistent across any Eternal Champion server and you can log in to any server, any time, and the central data server will deliver your character stats to the game server upon login. Complete handicapping exists to discourage trolling newbies.
Read the "Rest of the Story" or sign up for their beta program here.

Pure CTF Released
by mayhemm @ [11:26 AM] February 28 2001

Hmmmm. I don't know how we missed it, but there ia a new mod in town. It's called PureCTF, developed by Kilderean of PureCTF. Here's a little blurb:
  • On-Hand grappling hook with a setting for 2 hooking speeds
  • The 4 classic runes from the previous Quake games
    • Strength Rune ( x2 damage )
      Combine it with Quad Power-up for a whopping x6 damage for 30 seconds
    • Regeneration Rune ( 150 health, 125 armor )
      Combine it with Regeneration Power-up to heal your team mates for 30 seconds
    • Haste Rune ( x1.3 weapon speed )
      Combine it with Haste Power-up for more than fast movement, reload speed and incredible air control for 30 seconds
    • Resistance Rune ( -50% damage )
      Combine it with Battle Suit Power-up for 30 seconds of near invincibility
  • RocketArena overtime for tied matches
  • RocketArena CTF game mode
  • Seven action packed maps
  • Classic Capture The Flag scoring
  • Lightning gun discharges under water and kills user and close by players
  • More features listed on readme

There was a major bug on Monday's release, but it's been fixed already; so maybe it's a good thing we missed it. Read all about it right here.

What a Disaster..
by Jay @ [12:37 PM] February 27 2001

A new server-sided MOD has hit the scene today, and it's a Disaster. SideShow's Disaster MOD alters your fragging experience by constantly changing weapon powerups. One minute the rocket launcher fires homing missiles with an eye for your butt, and the next the plasma gun has a nasty spread fire.
There's also an optional client PAK file to enhance your view of what weapons are on steroids at any given time, but it is not required to play. Head to the Disaster homepage and keep your eyes out for servers!

SCTA/SCQ3A Version 1.4 Released
by mayhemm @ [10:18 AM] February 27 2001

That's right kids! Version 1.4 of Super Configurable Team Arena/Quake3 Arena has just been released. Just in case you don't WTF this little thingy is, here is a cut'n'paste to get ya up to speed:
SCTA/SCQ3A is an enhancement for Q3 Team Arena and Q3 Arena servers. It enables the server admin to have MUCH more control over the server than would normally be possible. While it does add features and options, it can be configured to behave EXACTLY like a nomral Q3TA server. So if you want to use it to address bugs in ID's 1.27g code, no problem. If you want to just change how fast rockets fly on your server, no problem. If you want to seriously alter the game play, no problem. SCTA/SCQ3A is a server side-only mod. Clients do not need anything to play on your server!
So....what are you waiting for? Go and get it.

Make it Compatible! 6.0 -Final Release
by mayhemm @ [03:02 PM] February 26 2001

Have you noticed lately, since Q3 1.27 was released, that there are still many servers out there STILL running Q3 1.17--and that alot of them are your favorite servers?? Well, JB sends some welcome news to us peeps who have resorted to dual-booting with two Q3 copies, or have written our own batch conversion files. It's a little program called 'Make it Compatible!' Here's what it does:
  • - Now uses the Point Release v1.17 Speed DLLs!
  • - Fully Compatible with Point Release v1.27g and even v1.27h.
  • - New User Interface!
  • - Backs up and restores your old files with the click of a button!
  • - A version checker to tell you what version is installed.
  • - An option to start Quake 3 after the change.
  • - New easy self-installer.
  • - Places Start icons on the desktop and in the Start Menu!
  • - Option to Uninstall from Start Menu.
Grab it right here.

Frag Your Opponent As a 3-D Virtual Clone of Yourself--HUH??!!
by mayhemm @ [02:49 PM] February 26 2001

Errr, I'll just cut'n'paste this groups press release:
Attention Quake Fans in the Seattle, Dallas and San Francisco Bay Area!
WHAT: For the first time ever, Quake fans can frag their opponents as a 3-D virtual clone of themselves.
HOW: Enter 3Q's Q-Clone Generator, where you can capture and customize a digital 3-D image of your face. The Q-Clone Generator then adds a helmet and body type, and burns your 3-D virtual clone to a CD. You can take your personalized clone home and upload it into the PC-versions of Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life and Counter-Strike online version. And, let the games begin!
HOW MUCH: $14.99
WHERE: Seattle: SuperSoftware, Tukwila San Francisco Bay: Software Etc., San Jose Dallas: GameStop! Plano
If you're interested, or still want to know WTF this is all about just go visit their site right here.

by mayhemm @ [02:41 PM] February 26 2001

Oswald from Silicon Ice Development sends word that they have just released new screenshots from beta2 of their Quake3Mod/TC UrbanTerror. I'll tell ya, that one shot looks pretty sweet. Check out the shot or read their progress right here.

'Practice' Mod q3Trainer Released
by mayhemm @ [02:36 PM] February 26 2001

Timan Rebel sends word that Lavapool Entertainment released it's first beta of a so called 'practice' mod; q3trainer. It's mainly designed for offline use, but it is not impossible to use it in a multiplayer game. Some of it's feaures are: Extended Scoreboard, including per weapon damage, accuracy, hits and frags. Accuracy per weapon on HUD, customizable damage done by weapons. Futher details can be found at their site.

New GoingUP
by awoq @ [12:26 PM] February 25 2001

Build 160 of GoingUP, a Windows based utility that helps people find hundreds of different mods and their respective web sites, has been released.
New in this release is:
  • The Explorer bar uses a new tab strip to change between the mods information and its web site. Looks very nice.
  • Major code optimization, several new ways of doing things have been implemented.
  • The Auto Updater now tells you what has changed, so you have something to read while downloading (of course, you won't see this until the next new build).
  • Many small cosmetic improvements.
  • Memory footprint reduced.
The new build is available as a full installation or can be auto updated. See some screenshots of this utility and grab the new release at the GoingUP website.

Q3 DM Map Review - Mission:Control!
by mayhemm @ [11:30 AM] February 24 2001

Karnatos from Z-Axis sends word that they have another new Quake3 map reviewed that's ready for download. Here's a little of what they had to say about it:
The architecture on this map looks really good, 100% sci-fi. There are a lot of interesting shapes created by the solids on this map. To me it feels like a disused reactor converted for FFA play, the sort of story you would get with an unreal tournament map! There are no errors with the solids on this map.
You can read the article here and download the map here if you just wanna get it.

Alliance 2.4 released
by mayhemm @ [11:29 AM] February 24 2001

Alliance 2.4 ctf/dm mod for Q3A is now available on the Alliance site,† For those who already have 2.3 it's a small patch but it packs a punch. Here's what's changed since the last version:
  • - Grenade Launcher grenades are no longer "smart grenades".
  • - Shredder has been removed from Instagib.
  • - Grappling Enemies is now 0 by default.
  • - Antispam text/audio delay is off by default.
  • - New server cvar "g_spawnProtection" allows servers to define starting health (100 or 125).
  • - Player head ratio has gone from 6 to 5 to make headshots harder to get.
  • - Fixed deathmatch skins bug. - Client optional spiral rail gun trail a la Q2

Since the full version of 2.4 is 134 MB,† PC Gamer is including Alliance 2.4 on the insert CD of their next issue. For those of you you who just can't stomach the huge download, now you can join the thousands of people already playing Alliance.

DOOM3 Shots (cont...)
by mayhemm @ [11:35 PM] February 23 2001

Here's a link to the doom3 movies using a geforce 3. Believe me when I say it's a treat. Click here to see it. Kudos to Gamespot for providing the big movies.

Art of War Test
by awoq @ [03:49 PM] February 23 2001

The Art of War team has posted a Public Test v1.1.0 release of their new mod.
Here's what they had to say about it:
Most of the changes are gameplay tweaks. This version has more of an emphasis on teamwork throughout all factions. There is also more encouragement to use the classes you have access to, and this was done by slowing down the growth rate a little. Some classes, such as the troll, archmage, and monk, have been modified so they require support from other classes to be truly powerful.

In other news, there is a new money object to pick up (the Gemstone) which is worth 5 gold and spawns where items such as Quad Damage and BFGs are normally found. Since these items cluster near the center of the level, this should encourage more battles over the gold resources, not just the buildings. Enjoy the new Public Test!

DOOM3 Shots!!
by mayhemm @ [05:36 AM] February 22 2001

Kudos goes out to voodooextreme for posting these real nice shots of Doom3 that were displayed at the MacWorldExpo. Click here to see the shots

Duke3d in Quake3?!
by mayhemm @ [05:34 AM] February 22 2001

If you don't remember our little story on 3DRealms errr--Nuking a Q3 mod team for paying homage to them, 3DActionPlanet takes a look at the bruhaha between 3DRealms and the Duke It Out in Quake Mod team and writes a pretty good editorial on how companies shouldn't take intellectual property from others and then try to enforce their IP. Here's a little snip:
This isn't the first time we've seen arguments over intellectual property and 3D Realms, but the last time we saw it the roles were reversed. And it all started with some innocent dialogue. Many people know that favorite lines from the two Evil Dead movies and their sequel, Army of Darkness, appear in Duke Nukem 3D directly. But a few have raised the issue of whether or not this was itself a violation of intellectual property rights -- the same kind of violation that Broussard charges the mod team with.
Speaking of Army of Darkness, here's what Bruce Campbell had to say about the whole thing:
"Well, they're rip-off artists. Let them get their own damn material. It's called hiring a writer. They're blatantly ripping it off and if I was any kind of litigious guy they would've gotten a phone call by now. It's depressing and I think it's wrong."
Read that story here.

Hmmm GF3, and Doom3 at Macworld Expo?
by mayhemm @ [10:59 PM] February 21 2001

Pretty damn interesting if you ask me. I found an article on ZDNET, that stated---ahhh well, let me cut'n'paste it for you:
In a surprise move, Jobs announced that the next generation of Nvidia's popular 3D accelerator processor, the GeForce 3, will be "available first on the Mac" in late March as a $600 build-to-order option for Power Mac G4 models.....Jobs was joined onstage by Nvidia Chief Scientist David Kirk, as well as Id founder John Carmack, who demonstrated a new game engine running atop the new chip. "The GeForce3 is the most exciting thing" to come Id's way in years, Carmack said
All I can say is WOW, I'm going to have to wait, cuz I'm sure not gonna buy a mac!! Read the rest of the article here.

New WFA Map Reviewed
by mayhemm @ [10:47 PM] February 21 2001

Karnatos from Z-Axis sends word that they have posted a review of a new WFA map called, Elevation by Raven0us. Read all about it right here.

Final Entries on How Not To Make Single Player Maps
by mayhemm @ [05:28 PM] February 21 2001

MrBunwah from Z-Axis ends his series, "How Not To Make Single Player Maps" with his 30th, and final installment. Here's a cut'n'paste for a little taste:
The short answer is: Wakka wakka wakka. While the slightly longer answer is: Seeing as how I've spent the last 29 article thingys pointing out the mistakes mappers make and generally picking holes in things, all the while laying on the sarcasm extra thick, I thought I should generally round things off. Just for a second consider what the world would be like without the amateur mappers out there who release single Player levels. Sure you've got your deathmatch and your Counterstrike with all their running around shooting people you've never met in the face, but for some of us single Player gaming is where it's at. Without these guys and gals the likes of Half Life and the Quakes would be long gone by now: Consigned to the same dusty shelf as all the other games you played through and enjoyed but had no reason to go back to once completed.
Read all of the articles here.

Paul Jaquays, Des Moines, and a Friendly Favor
by mayhemm @ [05:27 PM] February 21 2001

Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with a request for anyone who wants an entry level graphics designer position or "food photography" position :/ He's actually taking applications for a friend of his who runs a magazine based out of Des Moines, Iowa. Hehe, this is, of course, not gaming related, but I thought it would be cool to help him spread this around. Click here for the full .plan file.

Q3 Revolution Update
by mayhemm @ [05:18 PM] February 20 2001

Ian from GamespotUK sends a heads-up that EA has updated their news concerning their upcoming PS2 port of Quake3. Just in case you missed our last post on that click here to get yourself up to speed. Here's a little of what they have to say:
Many of the 36 different arenas in Quake III Revolution have been designed exclusively for the PlayStation2 and, in addition to the standard modes of play such as deathmatch and capture the flag, a brand new gameplay mode going by the name of Elimination will also be incorporated.
You can read the rest of the article and see the screenies for yourself here

id Interview
by mayhemm @ [05:39 AM] February 20 2001

Fred Nilson, new animator for IdSoftware sits down with the Mean Arena for a little interview. Here's a little of what he had to say:
Kiltron: The new intro animation for Q3: Team Arena was a very interesting logo design. I got a special meaning out of it, like as if you were portraying a message that you animating and id creating games, comes from the heart. What inspired you to create that design?

Fred: Interesting meaning.. =)Well.. I can't take the credit for designing it.. Seneca, Kenneth and I were all approached to just come up with something cool.. So we just sat around.. threw around some ideas.. and I think it was Kenneth who mentioned a (weird/techno/ghost in the shell/heart thing). We tossed around several different ideas.. but.. that one sounded the most interesting..

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Q3: Navy Seals Q&A
by mayhemm @ [09:34 AM] February 19 2001

ORG has posted an interview with Team Mirage, the developers of the upcoming mod/TC for Quake3 called Navy Seals Quake3(NSQ3). If they ever get it released it sounds like it will be pretty kick-ass. Read about it here.

Machine Reborn Review
by mayhemm @ [09:17 AM] February 19 2001

I'm sure those peeps still playing Quake2 will be pretty happy to hear this news. Karnatos from Z-axis sends word that they have done a review of a new mission pack for Quake2, called Machine Reborn.
Another thing the plot does justify well is the constantly teleporting in monsters. When this first happened I thought it would get annoying pretty quickly, but it actually adds to the tension no end. After a while you really begin to dread hearing the noise of something arriving and start fumbling for a weapon while searching for something to hide behind. It's good stuff. It also introduces a new threat to the level in the fact that you can get telefragged by something arriving fairly often if you're unlucky (just save regularly and it's fine).
You can read the whole review here.

Team Arena Map Pack Update
by awoq @ [05:06 AM] February 19 2001

Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with news of an update to the map pack id Software released last Thursday. The new release fixes some clipping problems with their "An Iteration of TA Hell" map.
Here's what he had to say about it:
"The original version of An Iteration of TA Hell (hal9000_ta.bsp) included in TA_Mappak1 contained a pair of clipping errors. These have been repaired and the map file has been updated to hal9000_b_ta.bsp. The config scripts to run the maps have been updated to run the revised map and a revised html document has also be included. Both files also contain a text readme file with installation instructions.

If you have previously downloaded the map pack, you only need the zip containing the map file for An Iteration of TA Hell."

New map file and support files only (about 5.0 mb):

Updated full map pak (includes all changes in the single map zip) (about 15.8 mb):

by mayhemm @ [07:14 PM] February 18 2001

Adonis sends happy news that the TribalCTF team has finally released the first public beta of their Q3Mod/TC of the same name. He also makes a request for anyone wanting to run a server with that mod to get in contact with them. You can read all about it here.

New Q_Check
by awoq @ [01:35 PM] February 18 2001

Version 3.0.1 of Q_Check has been released. Q_Check is a configurable Auto Away plugin for mIRC that can detect when a user joins a game server via GameSpy. The plugin will automatically set the user away and announce the name and ip address of the server.
New in this version is:
  • Kquery Support
  • New Variables - I've added two new variables for the away/playing templates. They are !gg and !mm. The explanation is a bit long-winded, so go read about it in the History File.
  • !name Bug Fix - Fixed a bug which caused Q_Check to ignore !name in the away/playing templates. Users will, once again, be able to display the server name in their away/playing messages.

New Eternal Arena
by awoq @ [10:58 AM] February 17 2001

If Corvin ever finds the time to sleep, it would seem to be a miracle to me! A new release of his Eternal Arena is now available bringing the mod to version 3.9.
New fixes/additions implemented in this ever evolving Q3A mod are:
  • Force Hunted games as FFA
  • Smaller icons on game loading as there's more info shown now
  • Toggle to turn off the team/clan triangle
  • Menu music toggle on options
  • Quick gauntlet switch
  • Support for Clan names
  • bugfix with marks not showing
  • bugfix don't draw miniscoreboard when scoreboard is displayed
  • bugfix don't spawn armor in Instagib games

New Half Dead Release
by awoq @ [10:50 AM] February 16 2001

Roseville has announced that version 1.1 of their single player mod for Q3A, Half Dead, has been released. The new version makes the mod compatible with the 1.27h point release. For those of you who aren't familiar with this single player mod, here is a list of its features:
  • Single Player contest in three new tiers of maps.
  • New start and final maps
  • Many modified bots
  • A new weapon
  • Four CTF maps
  • Team Deathmatch maps
  • New sounds, textures, graphics and music
Find out more at the Half Dead website.

TribalCTF update about RELEASE!!
by mayhemm @ [06:23 PM] February 15 2001

Those wacky guys behind Tribal CTF have updated their news page with the following announcement cut'n'pasted here for your pleasure (hmmm, and because I'm too lazy to do any real typing:))
Hi there,
We updated our site with the following news.
BETA 1.0 will be released NEXT sunday. The servers at savage couldn't be set up in the short term cause of some troubles with the transfer from servers. but we don't wanna wait any longer. The beta has been left alone long enough we need to release.
We will start updating about our new stuff after the beta is out.
If you want to run a server please mail me www.adonis@chello.nl with the ip so we can put them in the favorites list of the cfg file in that way people could hop on a server right after they've downloaded the beta. I will also send an url where the beta can be download previous to public release. Right now we ONLY have ONE server running more would be more than welcome.
You can visit their site right here.

The Art of War Released
by mayhemm @ [09:42 AM] February 15 2001

The Art of War Team has just released the first public test of their Quake3 mod of the same name. The Art of War is a nod to the works of Sun Tzu, the legendary ancient chinese battle tactician. Here's a bit from Art of War's FAQ:
"Art of War" is an exciting new teamplay mod. Teams create different buildings which unlock new, more powerful classes for that team. You win the game by destroying enemy buildings. By design, "Art of War" supports every popular teamplay strategy because of how classes are divided into factions. One faction emphasises strategy (through a strong defense and covert offense). Another faction emphasises tactics (through coordinated offense and defense). The third faction emphasises combat skills (with aggressive attackers).
If you're interested in finding out more about this mod, click here.

New QMass MOD for Quake2
by Jay @ [12:28 AM] February 15 2001

A new build the server sided MOD is available (for Linux only) from QMass.net. The QMass MOD adds QuakeWorld style fraglogging to Quake2. It's the only fraglogging modification built on Quake2 3.20, and of course the source code is available. Check it.

Map Pack #1 Released for Team Arena
by mayhemm @ [11:19 PM] February 14 2001

If you have Team Arena and want some new maps, or just wanna get some new "Id Approved" maps, then we have some good news for you. Here's the announcement from Paul Jaquay's Finger update:
Listen Up! Free Stuff!
id has just released a map pack containing four team-style maps approved for use with id SoftwareRs Quake III: Team ArenaY computer game. Their creators are some of the most talented mapmakers in the Quake community. Working together with id designer Paul Jaquays, Quake3World Level Editing forum moderator Astro Creep, Mr. Elusive, the bot A.I. programmer for both Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena, and Drunken Boxer, Quake3World Capture the Flag and Team Arena forum moderator, these artisans have created some truly fine playgrounds for Team Arena.
You can grab the map pak here right now. Hopefully we'll see some mirrors up elsewhere soon: id Team Arena Map Pak 1 Here is a list of maps released:
  • Japanese Castles TA by Mike Sg1zm0T Burbidge†† (japanc_ta.bsp) .
  • Schadenfreude TA by Jason SCorneliusT Gill (schad_ta.bsp) .
  • Crossed Paths v.TA by Dan SDrunken BoxerT Lanicek (dbox2_ta.bsp)†
  • An Iteration of TA Hell by John SHAL9000T Schuch (hal9000_ta.bsp)
Although these maps have been released before, they have been changed somewhat for this map pack release. Go getem and have fun!!

StarWars Quake2 Test1 Release
by Jay @ [08:49 PM] February 14 2001

The longest surviving Quake2 TC has released their first of two public DM tests. This release is monumental, marking the near completion of years of work from the SWTC team. Any and all Quake2 fans should head to the StarWars Quake: The Call of the Force site to download the test.

If Todd H. Likes it..
by Jay @ [05:19 PM] February 14 2001

It must be worth listening to. He updated his .plan file today with a link to this .mp3 by MC Hawking. Yikes..

How Not to Make Single Player Maps - Pt 26
by mayhemm @ [08:39 AM] February 14 2001

Karnatos gives a heads-up that Stomped.com has posted #26 in their ongoing series, "How Not to Make Single Player Maps. MrBunwah talkes about many peeps pet peeve,(hehe can you say that 3 times really quickly?)Indestructable Doors. Here's a little taste of the action:
It strikes me as amusing that in these days of striving for maximum realism in games, authors will still happily cover indestructible things with clearly not-in-any-way-indestructible textures. For instance, as MrGPig points out, thin doors textured with wood, or windows of glass, or sofas with that nice tartan fabric... well you get the point right? The same thing applies to crates; you get one crate that can be broken by merely looking sideways at it, and another (identical of course) crate that's immune to full on nuclear blasts. Pantaloons is what I say to that. In fact you can join me in saying pantaloons if you like. Next time you find a wooden but strangely indestructible crate or door in a level stand up on your chair and shout "Pantaloons! Pantaloons! PantaloooOOOOOoons!" Then if someone looks at you point at them and shout "And Pantaloons for you too!" It works for me anyway.
Read the rest of the article here.

Hardly Workin'!!
by mayhemm @ [11:39 PM] February 13 2001

This isn't game related, but it's Quake related. The Winners of the first annual Alternative Media Festival Awards of SHOWTIME were announced at the awards gala at MTV Studios in New York City, February 8, 2001, and guess who won? A quake clan called the IllClan put together a little movie rendered in the Quake2 engine and smacked everyone down!! I had a chance to see it, and it's pretty damn well made and funny. To see the movie, just click here, or go to their website and download the .pk2 file itself. You won't regret it.

The Offering
by mayhemm @ [05:10 PM] February 13 2001

VladTheImpaler has just released "The Offering." WTF is the offering? Well, it's a Q3 Mod which has you playing for blood, not frags. Here's a cut'n'paste:
Two teams... two different races fighting each other. Once you've fragged your enemy, you have to suck his blood and bring the blood back to your bloodthirsty god.
If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and read some more about it at their site.

Urban Terror - New Screenshots
by mayhemm @ [05:36 AM] February 13 2001

Oswald sends word that Silicon Development has just completed some new models for their Q3 Mod, Urban Terror. You can check out those bad boys right here.

Q3 Revolution Follow-Up W/Todd
by mayhemm @ [10:31 PM] February 12 2001

XGR.com has a short, two question and answer session with Todd Hollenshead (ID Software BIZ guy:) about their upcoming PS2 Game, Q3 Revolution. Since it is so short, I'm gonna paste the whole thing here:

Paligap:The release wasn't really specific on whether this is considered more along the lines of a game like Team Arena (an add-on) or if this is a totally new game just set in the Quake III universe?

Todd Hollenshead: It's not 100% new because Quake III fans will see some familiar levels and characters from the PC version, but it is a new game. There's a much greater emphasis on the single player game progression and it's far from all deathmatch. We've incorporated some new single player game types and some character progression and differentiation. So the new feature emphasis is actually away from team and multi-play we focused on in Team Arena and towards single play.

Are there plans to bring it to PC after the PS2 release?

The game is designed for the PS2, so we don't plan on bringing it over to the PC at this time.

New True Combat Beta
by awoq @ [01:16 PM] February 12 2001

The True Combat team has released beta 04 of their Q3A mod. The release is available as a patch or a full download with enough mirrors to cover most of the world.
Some of the things that were fixed or are new in this release are:
  • Round based game types (Survivor and Team Survivor)
  • Dual gun mode
  • Rotating doors
  • Ladders
  • New first aid system (team oriented)
  • New explosion damage system (including wall reflections)
  • New fire modes for weapons
  • Silent Boots to walk without noise
Many more improvements were added to this version so be sure to check it out on the True Combat site.

How Not to Make Single Player Maps - Pt 25
by mayhemm @ [11:02 PM] February 11 2001

Karnatos from Stomped sends word that yet another installment to their series, "How Not to Make Single Player Maps" has just gone live. Pretty interesting reading. Go ahead you can read it here.

Alliance 2.3 Released
by mayhemm @ [03:52 PM] February 11 2001

Just when you thought that 2.2 was the last build of Alliance comes the newest build. Here's the author's comments in their entirety:
Hot on the heals of Alliance 2.2 comes Alliance 2.3. Yes I know we said yesterday that 2.2 was supposed to be final, but never say never. Unfortunately, there was a big server crashing bug that needed immediate attention. Our apologies to all those who downloaded 2.2 yesterday. You'll need to download 2.3 today. I still think you'll find it's worth the time though.
Find out all the nasty details right here.

by awoq @ [03:53 PM] February 11 2001

Another new version of the Super Configurable Team Arena/Q3A server side only mod is available. New in version 1.3 is:
  • Now TA servers can run non-TA maps with all the TA goodies in them!
  • Referee (limited rcon)
  • Auto-kick bots stuck in spectator mode
  • Ability to start clients with any combination of powerups, or persistent powerups, holdables, etc
  • Admin logging - administrative detail in it's own logfile
  • Ability to limit what gametypes/fraglimits/timelimits/capturelimits can be voted on!
No client software is necessary for this modification, server administrators should check it out on the SCTA/SCQ3A site.

New Q3Offline
by awoq @ [11:27 AM] February 11 2001

A new Q3Offline version has been released from ShellShock's Crater. Q3Offline is a utility that allows you to quickly and easily set up single player Q3A games. The new version fixes a few bugs and adds Team Arena support!

Carmack on nVidia history
by mayhemm @ [11:32 PM] February 10 2001

John Carmack weighs in with his opinion on the NV1 in response to an article that Firingsquad posted about the NV1 and Nvidia's history on slashdot.org's messageboard. Here's a cut'n'paste:
The article hints that the NV1's quadratic surfaces might have actually been a good thing, and it was held back by Microsoft's push to conformity with triangles.
Er, no.
For several years now, Nvidia has been kicking ass like no other graphics company, but lets not romanticize the early days. The NV1 sucked bad, and it would have been damaging to the development of 3D accelerators if it had gotten more widespread success. Microsoft did a good thing by standing firm against Nvidia's pressure to add quadratic surfaces to the initial version of D3D.
There is an intuitive notion that curved surfaces are "better" than triangles, because it takes lots of triangles to aproximate a curved surface.
In their most general form, they can be degenerated to perform the same functions as triangles, just at a huge waste in specification traffic.
Unfortunately, there have been a long string of products that miss the "most general form" part, and implement some form of patch surface that requires textures to be aligned with the patch isoparms. This seems to stem from a background in 2D graphics, where the natural progression from sliding sprites around goes to scaling them, then rotating them, then projecting them, then curving them.
3DO did it. Saturn did it. NV1 did it. Some people are probably working on displacement mapping schemes right now that are making the same mistake.
Without the ability to separate the texturing from the geometry, you can't clip any geometry in a general way (not even mentioning the fact that clipping a curve along anything but an isoparm will raise it's order), and you either live with texel density varying wildly and degenerating to points, or you have texture seams between every change in density. No ability to rotate a texture on a surface, project a texture across multiple surfaces, etc. You can't replace the generality if a triangle with primitives like that.
Even aside from the theoretical issues, NV1 didn't have any form of hidden surface removal, and the curve subdivision didn't stitch, frustum clip or do perspective. It was a gimmick, not a tool.
All water under the bridge now, of course. NV20 rocks. :-)

New version of Alliance 2 Mod for Q3A
by CauTeRiZeR @ [06:00 PM] February 10 2001

We just received the news that there is a new release of Alliance 2 for Q3A. The 2.2 upgrade contains numerous bug fixes and tweaks, a brand new map, plus a comical voice pack which should really spice things up on the servers. Grab it from the Alliance site.

Q3A Freestyle
by mayhemm @ [09:34 PM] February 10 2001

Megaslayer sends word that there is a new mod available for download from 3xi13. If you're curious about Q3A Freestyle and what kind of a mod it is, here is a cut'n'paste from their FAQ:
It is an attempt to blend the different game styles from several previous popular Quake modifications, such as lithium and instagib. The difference is though that here you can play each game style irrespective of what the other players are doing, so you can finally test your rocket-jumping skills against those lithium hook monkeys that are always hanging around !

The mod also features single-player bot support, in that they can, and do, rocket-jump and/or use the hook, depending on which game style they are playing in. Its quite mad to see Xaero rocket-jump and then rail you mid-air, repeatedly. I gotta warn you tho, he will also try and hook you to death given the chance...

I must also tell you about the hook, which features built-in air-acceleration like the old lithium hooks, but is also configurable on a per-client basis. Anybody who has ever played lithium over a modem on a server with a lightning fast hook will tell you that this is a *good* thing. ;)
If you're still curious, go ahead and download that bad boy right here.

by mayhemm @ [09:19 AM] February 10 2001

Andy, from SavageUK sends word that their RA3 tournament is going to be postponed.
The SavageUK RA3 cup was supposed to continue on Wednesday 14th February, but that is Valentines day....

Some people will be celebrating with their loved ones, so we will continue the cup on Wednesday 21st February.

Urbanterror Linux Available
by mayhemm @ [09:15 AM] February 10 2001

Oswald, from Silicon Ice Development sends word that Urbanterror is now available for Linux, for those of you who run Q3 under that operating system. Read about it right here.

Duke3d in Quake3?! HmmmmmmmmNOT!!
by mayhemm @ [10:47 PM] February 09 2001

Well, I thought I was being flippant about Duke it out in Quake getting smacked by 3dRealms, but it turns out that 3dRealms sure did some smackin' on them. They have pulled all of the maps--and have gone back underground :/--due to 3dRealms sending them a "cease and desist" type letter. Personally, I think it's messed up for 3dRealms to do something like that, as they are only receiving tribute from this group--and it's not as if they didn't steal half the dialog for Duke3d from Sam Raimi and "Army of Darkness" anyway. Ahh Well enough of that. You can read about it right here.

Wadfather Open House
by mayhemm @ [10:25 PM] February 09 2001

Hmmmmm. Sounds like errrr--never mind. If you're looking for some "public domain" textures or whatever for your mapmaking project. This will probably be a good place for you to visit. I'm just gonna paste the whole announcement:
Don Wadini is pleased to announce that the Wadfather web site ( http://wadfather.game-edit.com ) has been redesigned! The new design makes it much easier to view and search our massive collection of graphics files for game players and game developers. We have files relating to Half-Life, Quake 3 Arena, and many other first-person shooter games. Come check out: The recently-expanded textures section, which now provides thumbnail previews of almost 5,000 public domain textures for your next mapping project! The largest collection of environment maps for game developers in the world -- rapidly approaching our 300th public domain sky! The new wallpapers section, which includes almost 50 game-related desktop masterpieces! The new Half-Life spraypaint section, which already has more than 50 logos to choose from! Download your favorite, or submit one of your own!

The latest version of the Quake3 mod Coliseum2 was released today
by CauTeRiZeR @ [10:14 PM] February 09 2001

WarMonger over at the Coliseum2 site let us know that there is a new version of the Coliseum2 Mod out for Quake3 Arena. Version 2.2 contains fixes for some major bugs that crept in during the 1.27 conversion. Here is the link to the Coliseum2 site.

..::LvL & ZTN Mapping Interview
by mayhemm @ [06:35 AM] February 09 2001

For those of you who make Q3 levels, are thinking about making one, or are just starting out, you can get some insight into how two of the best amateur mappers go about doing their business. ..::LvL & ZTN (man, I've played a million of his maps!) sit down in an interview and give us their insights. Here's a little cut'n'paste taste from ZTN's part of the interview:
I have always been sort of a lone wolf when it comes to making levels. Sure I have received a lot of help from my partners, but in the end I always make my own calls. I have never been an active participant to any MOD team or gaming company, so I really don't have a definite answer to that question. Basically I consider myself pretty much the same amateur level designer who started 4 years ago. Only a little more cynical, perhaps ;)
You can read the rest of the interview right here.

Gridiron v2.30 Tournament Version Released
by mayhemm @ [11:39 PM] February 08 2001

Straight from the Gridiron comes word that they have released version 2.30 of their Quake3 mod. WTF is Gridiron you ask? Simple--it's football with rocket launchers. Here's a cut'n'paste, ripped straight from their FAQ:
Q3 Gridiron is a modification for the full, registered version of Quake III Arena that plays very similarly to a game of football. That is, football with rocket launchers! The idea was to have a mod that combines heavy fighting with a little bit of strategy and teamwork thrown in the mix. Nothing more, nothing less
If you're bored with default Q3, or are getting your butt kicked by me in Instagib matches ;-) then head on over to their site and download that sucker right here!!

by mayhemm @ [11:23 PM] February 08 2001

For those of you are still happy with their overclocked cyrix166, but have a PS2, Idsoftware and EA have announced "Quake III Revolution" for the PS2. Interestingly enough, Bullfrog will be developing the title, which should be released in 2001. Here's a cut'n'paste for your pleasure:
Quake III Revolution is a perfect game to showcase the power of the PlayStation 2, said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. Fusing the intense action and unparalleled graphics of Quake III with the PlayStation 2, allows us to extend the PC phenomenon to additional gamers with Quake III Revolution

Kudos goes out to Telefragged for sending the word. You can read about it and see some shots on their site right here.

Media Violence Isnít the Real Problem, Surgeon General Says
by mayhemm @ [06:22 PM] February 08 2001

Here's an interesting article which should piss of one particular senator (and loser vp candidate). The Surgeon General's Office has just released a report that states that Media Violence (ie. My Quake3, etc) isn't the real problem with today's youth. Here's a cut'n'paste:
Some studies suggest that long-term effects exist, and there are strong theoretical reasons that this is the case. But many questions remain,Ē the report concludes. Parents and educators should help children become more critical consumers of games and TV, the report says. But before trying to regulate the media, legislators should devote their efforts to encouraging the necessary research on what remains a poorly understood topic, it adds.

Kudos goes out to Avault for pointing out the report.
You can read the whole report or read Avault's story here.

Q3Colors - Dienamic Teamplay
by Jay @ [12:31 PM] February 08 2001

A new teamplay MOD is out for those tiring of stock Q3 TDM. Q3Colors involves teamplay by skin color - only players' skin colors change at random intervals throughout the game. Friends turn to foes in a heartbeat, and you might have to slam on the brakes when an enemy turns to your color in the blink of an eye. Sound fun? Thought so. Check out Q3Colors here.

Kitcarson Q3 map review
by mayhemm @ [12:06 AM] February 08 2001

Karnatos at Stomped.com sends word that he has finished a review of Kitcarson's Stainless Cage Map for Quake3. I just got done looking at some of the screenshots and it's looks pretty sweet. You can read all about it or get it if you're tired of the same old maps here.

by mayhemm @ [12:00 AM] February 08 2001

Cinergi, from SCTA (Super Configurable Team Arena), sends word that version 1.3 is coming out soon, and requests the services of someone who can convert regular Q3A user created maps into TA maps for them. If you think you have what it takes, go on over to their messageboard and give 'em a hollar. What is SCTA? Here's a cut'n'paste from their FAQ to let you know:
SCTA is an enhancement for Q3 Team Arena servers. SCTA - Super Configurable Team Arena, enables the server admin to have MUCH more control over the server than would normally be possible. While SCTA does add features and options, it can be configured to behave EXACTLY like a nomral Q3TA server. So if you want to use SCTA to address bugs in ID's 1.27g code, no problem. If you want to just change how fast rockets fly on your server, no problem. If you want to seriously alter the game play, no problem. SCTA is a server side-only mod. Clients do not need anything to play on an SCTA server!

You can read all about it or go to their messageboard right here.

Duke3d in Quake3?! HmmmmmmmmMM
by mayhemm @ [09:58 PM] February 07 2001

Word comes from Shugashack that the Duke it out in Quake site has launched their site with some custom Duke3d levels for Quake3. Here's a cut'n'paste for their announcement:
Hello everyone and welcome to Duke It Out In Quake. Our site launches today! We are no longer an underground group and we are sharing our work with you. Hope you'll enjoy it. In this occasion we present you our latest work - the most classic level from Duke Nukem 3D - E1L1, Hollywood Holocaust

Come and download their maps here before 3dRealms smacks 'em down with "The Law."
UPDATE-There are around 9 maps to download, so if you're nostalgic about Duke3d and want to play those levels in your favorite game, then go and get it.

5 Map Reviews
by awoq @ [07:03 PM] February 07 2001

Looking for some Q3A maps to play? The BackBurner has posted 5 new Q3A map reviews for your pleasure. The maps themselves aren't new but what the heck!
Here they are:

Doom Talk
by awoq @ [11:25 AM] February 07 2001

"What does the new Doom need?" is the title of an article at The Oxygen Tank. Just as the title suggests, the story is about what the staff thinks, and also what some developers think, id's new Doom game will need to survive. The developers responses come from, Ritual Entertainment's Richard "Levelord" Gray, Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski, Rogue Entertainment's Rich "Zdim" Carlson, and ION Storm's Tom Hall. Check it out at The Oxygen Tank!

QuakeForge Beta 7 For Grabs
by Jay @ [08:44 AM] February 07 2001

The QuakeForge has made version .2.99.7 (beta) available for download. QuakeForge is an open-source cross-platform project aimed to provide an enhanced and secure replacement for the QuakeWorld engine.

There are several notable changes for both clients (OpenGL and software) and servers, making this release certainly worth everyone's attention. Word through the grape vine on the developers' mailing list is that stable release .3 will be released this Sunday. Head to the QuakeForge and start your download.

QERadiant Interview
by mayhemm @ [06:54 AM] February 07 2001

Timothy Besset, one of the creators of QERadiant, the open-sourse level editor for Quake3 and other Id Games, sits down for a pretty interesting interview. Here's a cut'n'paste:
Community projects are a great way to catch a glimpse of the gaming industry. You start with small things thinking "yeah well, when I'm out of college I'll get a programing job in a big company and I will forget about that". Eventually you get sucked in and do that for a living.
You can read the rest of the interview here.

Urbanterror Update
by mayhemm @ [06:37 AM] February 07 2001

Oswald, from Silicon Ice Development sends word that they have added some new custom animations, which will debut in Beta2 of Urban Terror, their Q3A TC that's based on realism. For more info check out their site

How Not to Make Single Player Maps - Pt 24
by mayhemm @ [04:14 AM] February 07 2001

Karnatos sends word that Mr Bunwah from Z Axis has updated his series "How Not to Make Single Player Maps" with part #24. So if you're an aspiring game developer go on over there and get some pointers.

DBQuake Update
by mayhemm @ [04:06 AM] February 07 2001

Zaradis sends word that they have updated and added some new models for Dragonball Quake, their Quake Total Conversion based on Dragonball Z, an anime series. If you've never heard of this TC or just wanna look at their screenshots jump on over to their site and take a look.

GameAdmins Anti-Cheating Article
by mayhemm @ [05:33 AM] February 06 2001

Dekard from GameAdmins.Com gives a pretty good interview about cheating in FPS games, and how he and his group are trying to make server side mods to combat them.  Pretty good read.  Here's a cut'n'paste:

We started with Quake2 anti-cheating, and realized a great void in the places on the net to find pretty much any online information about admining a game server, there were a few great sites, but only covered one game or one topic on admin life.

Read all about it here.

God Has A "special affection ;-)" for Marines.......
by mayhemm @ [04:32 AM] February 06 2001

--Cuz we kill everything we see!
Lordlev, from the Full Metal Jacket Mod Team sends word that their Q3A Mod, Full Metal Jacket (hehe, not related to the movie) is in final alpha state, and that they are soon to be releasing their first beta. I can't wait to see this one.

Fire Plus Weapon Mod for Quake 3 Arena
by CauTeRiZeR @ [06:37 PM] February 05 2001

Fire Plus is a new mod out of Q3A which introduces 2 new weapons. Fire Plus has a pretty nice graphical interface with allows a lot of weapon configuration options.

Visit the Fire Plus Mod website

Official nVidia 6.50 Drivers
by mayhemm @ [05:44 PM] February 05 2001

That's right folks--it's not April Fool's Day yet!! After months and months of leaked drivers Nvidia has just released their official 6.50 Detonator drivers for Win9X/ME. I'd tell you more about them, but I'm on my way to get them. BTW, you can get them right here.

Stomped History of Quake Commercial Addons
by mayhemm @ [05:29 PM] February 05 2001

This article is a little late, but it seems to be good reading. JCal Callaham from Stomped wrote this article exploring the history of authorized (and unofficial as well)quake mission packs. Here's a little cut'n'paste from the article:

--before the Internet became the place to find files and levels, most amateur level designers sent their creations to dedicated online networks like Compuserve, Prodigy, and local BBSs. Some companies got the idea to take as many levels and mods as they could find (without asking permission of id or the levelís creators) and placed them on CD-Roms. They became instant best-sellers.

You can read about it here.

GameSpot UK Gets Serious on TeamArena
by Jay @ [02:45 PM] February 05 2001

Laura from GameSpot sends word that they've an extensive review of Quake III TeamArena. The review takes an honest and hard look at why you may or may not want to pick up your copy of TeamArena, and showcases some of the cooler features in the mission pack.
In addition, there's an impressive screenshot gallery to go along with the review boasting some of TA's juicier moments.

New Particle Studio
by awoq @ [11:25 AM] February 05 2001

A new version 1.0 of Particle Studio was released by the Freebrief Website. Particle Studio is a utility to help Q3A mappers work with particle systems (ie: steam, fires, sparks and bubbles).

A Dredded Redesign
by Jay @ [09:05 AM] February 05 2001

DreddNews, a hub for hardware lovers, has just seen an overhaul. Their new site navigates more easily, and is more W3 compliant (that means it renders well in both Netscape and IE). To launch their new face, they've also posted a review of Tweakmonster's Copper Spacer for Socket 462 processors. This is definitely worth looking at for anyone thinking of putting together a T-Bird soon - it could save your CPU's life.

New Custom Q3 Levels
by mayhemm @ [07:10 AM] February 05 2001

LvL - Q3A, a (cough) level making project has released 5 news maps for Q3A.  Here's a short list:
  • Mu.innellim by Charon (DM/Team)
  • Abusive Intentions by Mr.CleaN (DM/Team )
  • Zero Cube 74 by Munyul Verminard (InstaGib)
  • Blood Cage by Rainman - TD (DM/Tourney)
  • Simplified Demise by miz (DM 3-6 player)

So if you're getting tired of DM17, head on over and download these guys!

NewMod For Team Arena
by mayhemm @ [06:52 AM] February 05 2001

For those of you who like custom features and gameplay modes, but who don't like to mess with Q3TA yourself--or, in my case, don't know a lick of programming :P--NewMod for Team Arena may be the ticket for you.  Here's a short list of variables:

  • g_noBfg-removes the bfg 

  • g_grapple-makes the grapple available

  • g_noSelfDamage-no selfdamage, enables rocketjumps

  • g_removeWeapons-removes all weapons from the arena

  • g_removeAmmo-removes all ammo

  • g_removeAmor-removes all amor

  • g_removeHealth-removes all health :/

  • g_dropCTFPowerUp-ctf powerups can be dropped

  • g_speedVSPower-speed vs. power game mode

Greetings From The CauTeRiZeR
by CauTeRiZeR @ [03:02 PM] February 04 2001

Hey Q3arena.com readers. I am new to the news page here and am looking foward to contributing in bringing you the latest and the greatest from the gaming world. I am a former Quake2 level review man from Multiplayer Quake and bring alot of experience from the world of Quake games. I am looking foward to bringing you all the cutting edge latest in the world of Quake 3 Arena.

GameSpy3D V2.50 Released
by mayhemm @ [01:03 AM] February 04 2001

This is a little late, but what the hay :).  GamespyIndustries has released the 2.50 version of their popular server browser utility.  According to them (and this is a cut'n'paste:)

The initial release of GameSpy3D V2.50 is for registered users only and offers a substantial increase in speed when switching and sorting serverlists. Server lists have been growing increasingly larger, with over 15,000 servers and 50,000 players visible from within GameSpy 3D at any given moment
You can get it right here.

Tribal CTF Beta Released to Websites
by mayhemm @ [12:24 PM] February 04 2001

Adonis from Tribal sends word that they have released† their Tribal CTF mod for Q3A in beta form to websites.† They should be releasing a public beta as soon as SavageUK is done setting up their servers, so it should be ready for public download in a week.† Read about it on the their website.

The Sinister Zone - Chapter 2
by Jay @ [09:31 AM] February 03 2001

A few years ago, classic Quake fans all over were hailing "The Dark Zone" as the best 1-on-1 deathmatch arena in existence. Naturally, conversions for Quake2 and Quake3Arena were inevitable. However, most lacked either the detail or refinement a diehard fan would expect of a tribute to such a great map - until perhaps this one.
LoneGunman NAL has converted DM6 to not only Quake3Arena but TeamArena as well. Now compatible with PR1.27, The Sinister Zone is publicly available. An excellent review has been posted at the Z-Axis, so give it a look and get this one downloaded. Quake on..

New Hosted Clans @ Q3Arena.com!
by awoq @ [01:37 AM] February 03 2001

Q3Arena.com Clan Hosting is proud to announce the addition of a new WFA clan, Societys Highest and the HH2K Clan! Run over to our clan hosting section and check them out!

If your clan needs a good home, check out our Clan Hosting site for information on how to sign up.

New Eternal Arena
by awoq @ [09:35 AM] February 02 2001

It seems that Corvin never sleeps but that is a good thing since he has released yet another version of Eternal Arena. Version 3.7 has some bugfixes, a new gamemode, a spectator cam, and an option to turn any game into a practice session. Check out the long list of additions and fixes at the Eternal Arena site!

I thought cock fighting was illegal..
by Jay @ [07:01 PM] February 02 2001

The Catch the Chicken team will be releasing version 1.4 of their off-the-wall Quake3 MOD this evening. The upgrade is 1.27g/h compatible, and adds an exhaustive server configuration scheme.
For those that haven't been introduced to this foul play, CTC is a sort of kill the carrier where the target bares a chicken rather than a rocket launcher. He who can avoid getting fragged the longest is king in the land of Perdue. Do yourself a favor and get some laughs out of your Quake3 at Q3 Catch the Chicken.

Happy Birthday, id
by Jay @ [11:18 PM] February 01 2001

In a .plan update this afternoon, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead announced the tenth birthday of the company. "HAIL LOTHAR" ..whatever that means.

Fame Knocks on John Carmack's Door!
by awoq @ [11:12 AM] February 01 2001

Computer Games Online has reported that id Software's John Carmack will be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame at the Fourth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards on March 22. Recipients for previous years include Squaresoft's Hironobu Sakaguchi, Firaxis' Sid Meier, and Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto.

Urban Terror Expansions (As if city life weren't scary enough)
by Jay @ [08:56 AM] February 01 2001

The Urban Terror team, authors of the popular realism TC for Quake3, has indicated that there will be four new gameplay modes in their upcoming beta2. They are:
  • Search and Destroy
  • Tax Collector
  • Infiltrate
  • Assassinate
  • Surf on over to the Urban Terror site for the details.

    Tribal CTF Changes Gears
    by Jay @ [08:31 AM] February 01 2001

    The three-team capture modification for Team Arena, Tribal CTF, has migrated over to Quake3Arena. Intending to reach a larger audience, the development team gives word that they are reaching an eminent beta release, and are looking for volunteers to run servers. Check out their latest concept art and get in on a threesome (whoa!) at Tribal CTF.

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