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Western Quake Weekly Update
by mayhemm @ [08:41 PM] July 31 2001

Mark--The_judgE--Argyle sends a shout from those bad boys at WesternQ3 that they have posted their weekly update on the status of their bad@$$ Q3TC of the same name.  Within they talk about two new maps they are working on and also send the good news that they have finalized the bank robbery gametype.  They also post some shots of one of them.  Read all about it right here.

Team Combat Interview at Q3Center
by mayhemm @ [08:41 PM] July 31 2001

George (Kriger) Finamore sends word that he and Q3Center have posted an interview with none other than Team Combat, the makers of the Q3Mod Super Heroes 3 (I remember the one for Q1=))  If ya wanna read it or find out WTF this mod is all about go on and give the interview a read.

MacQ3A News
by mayhemm @ [08:34 PM] July 31 2001

Here's some news for all of you MacHeadQuakers out there....:-/  Well, errr, Graeme Devine has updated his .plan to say that you guys don't need a Q3A 1.29f.  Here's what he had to say:
1.29f Mac is 100% compatible with 1.29g, the fixes are almost all WIN32 related input/sound etc.  There are no networking changes, QVM or othersuch evil things we've done in the pass to force everyone to upgrade.  There's a forthcoming build that addresses the 1.29g build and that will be made available on all platforms, but meanwhile there will be nada zip zero no build of 1.29f for the Mac because we've already moved on from 1.29f. And besides, we're working on DOOM.  :-)
So, there ya go.  Don't say we dont' support our MacHeadQuakers =)

Point Release 1.29h
by CauTeRiZeR @ [08:54 PM] July 31 2001

Well here it is...what we all have been waiting for! Robert Duffy has updated his plan with Point Release 1.29h! This will be the beta until after QuakeCon. Get it here from ID Software's FTP. The ID server is getting hammered at present so you might need to attempt several times.

Q3A Patch Status
by mayhemm @ [08:20 PM] July 30 2001

Looks like iDSoftware is working pretty quickly to fix the problems with the installer for the Q3 patch that was released a few days ago--at least that is what Robert Duffy said in his .plan update today.  Here's the whole thing cut'n'pasted just fer you :)
We have made the fixes we wanted to make to the latest version, including having the proper pak files in the full installer. We did not make any input code changes between 1.29f and 1.29g, but we did link with a different version of Directx ti get NT Sound functioning properly. This fixed NT 4.0 sound but produced an FPS loss on some systems and changed the way input was working as well which allowed in_mouse == 1 to work like some folks like but causes mouse wheel problems under some versions of Intellipoint. We have since done the following:
  • Re-linked to a later version of DirectX. -Set Directx up to use sound compatible with Directx 3
  • Made one small tweak to the input code which allows in_mouse to function correctly when set to -1 ( old sensitivity ) this should make both input camps happy.
  • Fixed a potential server crash.
We are testing this now and should release it in the am. Thanks.
We'll be sure to give you a heads up as soon as we hear anything.

ArenaScout 1.2 Ready For Download
by mayhemm @ [05:10 PM] July 30 2001

Fuel from Clan DNA, has sent word that ArenaScout, their server browser for mIRC 5.9+ has been released this time as version 1.2. Here's a little of what has been changed:
  • Fixed the bug where if the server you were querying replied or timed out after you had selected another server the server you had just selected would be overwritten with the just queried server.
  • You should now be able to click on IPs encased in brackets. For example ( should work.
  • Made the dialog vertically larger by 60 pixels to account for new features to be added (lists have been extended downwards, buttons moved, etc.)
  • Included an Auto Refresh button on the Scout tab. Press it in to automatically refresh the selected server every 2 seconds.
  • Included a set of predefined searches for the search tab. Selecting one will choose the options listed automatically. Help on how to add your own is in the search.ini file.
  • On the servers tab you can now select multiple servers from the list and delete or arrange them.
  • Added the ability to select multiple items from the id master server list so you can add more than one at a time.
  • Included the option to use colors in the report message. By default they're off and if the channel you're reporting to is +c (no colors) they won't show up so your message will.
  • Added options to filter results from the id master server - you can filter by gamename and/or gametype. See the help for further information.
Read more about this add-on right here.

WFA 3.0 and Q3A 1.29g NOGO
by mayhemm @ [08:22 PM] July 29 2001

Everyone who has downloaded the recently released WFA 3.0, and have installed it--and are getting ready to install the new point release for Q3A may want to give pause.† Seems that the WFA peeps have updated their website with a little warning about imcompatibilities between Q3A 1.29g and WFA 3.0.† Here's a cut'n'paste from their news page:
>1.29g doesn't seem to work with 1.29f and WFA. I recommend that you continue to use 1.29f.
For those that have installed 1.29g and are locking up or crashing. Reinstall 1.29f.
I also recommend server admins continue to use 1.29f, as from reading forum posts on 1.29g it appears the "fixed" list is mostly bogus. Things reported as fixed aren't and things that should have been fixed aren't even listed.
If you ignore this and get 1.29g anyway, do not use the exe install. It has a bug overwriting files. Instead use the auto updater that came with 1.29f.
Thanks goes out to Captured.com for giving me the heads up.† Read more about it right here.

Possible New Point Release again?
by CauTeRiZeR @ [09:32 AM] July 28 2001

According to Robert Duffy over at ID, a fix may be put out today to address some possible issues with the win32 installer on 1.29g, which was released yesterday. We will keep you posted on any new developments as soon as they occur.

New Point Release for Q3A
by awoq @ [08:04 PM] July 27 2001

Yet another new point release for Q3A has been offered to the public. Q3A version 1.29g point release is now available on the id Software site and other mirrors. The new version is for Windows and Linux machines only with the Mac version to be released later. When will this all end? No one is currently sure...
Here is a list of fixes/enhancements:
  • Players joining (and apparently leaving) the game cause everyone to hitch
  • fs_handleforfile: none free ERROR
  • After last level of tier game doesn't stay on trophy screen, instead it takes you directly to next tier screen
  • No sound in NT 4.0 at all with 1.29f PR
  • There is a shader bug in Pro-q3dm6
  • Developer cheats like R_Showtris have been disabled in the PR (they were never disabled, the user simply needs to run the game with ď+set developer 1Ē minus quotes, at the command line.
  • Made /startOrbit cheat protected
  • Rcon issues now resolved.
  • fs_basegame isn't published to clients
  • Fixedlegs command in the animation config is apparently not working
  • + and - cvars fixed

WFA 3.0 Released!
by awoq @ [09:24 PM] July 26 2001

The Weapons Factory Arena team has released version 3.0. The new version, which supports Q3A v1.29f, is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux as full versions or upgrade patches. Grab it while it's hot on the WFA site.

UrbanTerror Update
by mayhemm @ [02:15 PM] July 26 2001

This is pretty good news :-)  The boys of Silicon-Ice Development, err you know, the peeps who coded UrbanTerror, have just updated the UrbanTerror website with some welcome news for all of us who happen to be addicted to their bad@$$ Q3TC.  They have added a files section to their site, so you can get any file you need to play UT.  They have also added a map section, wherein they will be providing space for user created maps as well as their up coming map release (no, they don't say when they are going to release it.)  They also talk about TerrorStrike.net, an online message board and support resource for UT fans, and--get this, a server list resource.  Anyhow, if you can get more news or want to find out more of the nitty gritty go ahead and give them a visit right here.

Q3 DM Map Review @ Z-Axis
by mayhemm @ [11:20 PM] July 25 2001

Karnatos from Z-Axis gives us a little change from mod map reviews by pointing us all to a good ol' quake3 dm map review by North.  Today's map is called Savage Palace by The_Taurus, a new mapper on the Quake Scene.  Here's a little of what North had to say about the map:
Certain maps have a complete originality about them, offering architecture and game play that is slightly different to what the norm is. As well, some maps follow a tried and tested formula of structure and focus. This is the case with Savage Palace. It seems to follow the common model for the majority of Q3A DM maps. Now, this isnít a bad thing people. The reason this type of map is ďtried and testedĒ is because it offers something worthwhile in the form of a solid, basic Q3A death match.
Read the rest of the review right here.

WesternQ3 Weekly Update..
by mayhemm @ [03:06 PM] July 24 2001

Mark "The_judgE" Argyle sends word that the WesternQuake website has been updated with their weekly news.  They talk about their Map Depot (a place to get WesternQuake maps) and it's launch.  They also talk about the status of their kewl@$$ Q3TC, and what items they have on their weekly agenda.  To top it off, they show off some new screenshots of a map they are reworking.  Go ahead and give 'em a visit!

Q3F New Weapon Wallpapers
by mayhemm @ [02:58 PM] July 24 2001

Locki from the Q3F Team shot off seven new wallpapers, which showcase some of the new weapons featured in their upcoming beta2 release.  For those of you who don't know WTF Q3F is, here's a cut'n'paste from their FAQ to get ya up to speed:
Q3F is developed by The Q3F Development Team, and is a modification (MOD) to the fantastic game 'Quake 3 Arena', developed by id Software and distributed by Activision.
Our goal with Q3F was to modify the multi-player aspects of Quake 3 to create a much more team-oriented experience. We hope we've achieved this through the implementation of different player classes such as Soldier, Agent and Paramedic, all with unique weapons, strengths and abilities.
A large part of the team-play aspect comes from Q3F's support for several game-objective possibilities, which include 'Capture the Flag', 'Command Point' and 'Capture and Hold' styles of play.
You'll find full explanations of all the classes, weapons, maps and game styles contained both within the online documentation and the read distributed with our modification.  
I just got done looking at their shots page and let me tell ya, there's a lot of eye-candy to look at.  They seem to have as many custom levels as Q3 had in it's release, and they look pretty d@mn professionally done. You can read about Q3F and check out the shots right here.

WFA Map Review @ Z-Axis
by mayhemm @ [02:56 PM] July 23 2001

James Bro--errr, Karnatos from Z-Axis shows just how hard he works with a WFA map review that has just been posted to Z-Axis.  The map in question is called Front Fort 1 by Mattew "Tannis" Ferland, as reviewed by Arklight.  This map is actually based on a chateau in Quebec, so I'm sure it will be a treat for the person who is sick of the techiefuture type of map.  Here's a cut'n'paste from the review:
The layout in this map brings many factors into your experience, with many different rooms, walls, and flag room being small. Defense will find themselves at a disadvantage. Offense can easily grapple around and out of sight. For those of you who just like to sniper on the public servers you will get your chance, FFort1 offers with its height many great spots to snipe from. Not sure if I would recommend this map for clan matches but it could always be a contender, and a welcome change of pace.
Check out the review or the c00L@$$ screenies right here.

by mayhemm @ [08:01 PM] July 22 2001

Hmmmm.  Seems like the perfect time for our cousins from across The Sea to be advertising their wares.  No D00d!! I'm not talking about WaREz hehe; I'm talking about DeF'RaG from France and their Q3Mod of the same name!!  DeF'RaG errrr,  I'll just cut and paste from their page, so they can let ya know WTF their mod is all about:
The DeF'RaG is a SOLO mod for Q3A based on your ability and not on your skill against bots or human players.
Therefore you can practice and perfect you on every imaginable and possible trick of Q3A. In fact, as you know it, the more mobility you have, the more victories you can hope.
The DeF'RaG consists in doing as fast as possible several timered challenges and runs. The mod, which is compatible with Q3A v1.27 and v1.29 and NOT run on earlier versions, is necessary to use the timer and the various options of the DeF'RaG.
As you can see, the DeFRaG is a training and improvement mod and also a real competition mod which leaves you alone against a impartial judge: the TIME !! For the challengers, the five best players of each map will see their respective TIMES and DEMOS be published on the site. We are waiting impatiently for the most beautiful records....!!!
Go ahead and give 'em a visit.

PainKeep Arena Soundpack Available
by mayhemm @ [07:53 PM] July 22 2001

TeamEvolve, the bad@$$es behind PainkeepArena, have sent a shout out to all of us announcing the availability of their custom music pack for PKA2.6.  The music pack weighs in at  around 70 megs, and features custom music from Love Candy, Tom Harmon and the person behind
"Music to Frag by" James Grote.  You can grab that sucka right here.

King of the Mountain
by mayhemm @ [07:40 PM] July 22 2001

From across the big ocean in Germany comes a new Q3Mod called King of the Mountain, by kamist and Markland.  Although it's a new mod, it's not a new premise.  King of the Mountain takes it's idea from the King of the Hill mods of Q2, HalfLife, UT, and Delta Force, where the goal of the game is to occupy a certain area for as long as possible to win the game.  The mod team has also included some custom maps for the gameplay.  If you're interested in hearing more about this mod, or even downloading and playing that bad boy, go ahead and check out their site right here.

MOHAA Goodies!!
by mayhemm @ [12:22 AM] July 21 2001

Wow.  I don't know how I missed this, but I have to point it out to you.  Two days ago, EAGames updated their Metal of Honor: Allied Assault website with two gameplay movies from their upcoming game of the same name, which uses a way modified Q3Engine.  If you wanna get some real w00D, check the movies out:
Remember that those cool screenshots of explosions come from this little gameplay movie.  Make sure you have Quicktime installed or you won't be able to see this.  Check out the MOHAA site right here to see more.

by mayhemm @ [02:11 PM] July 20 2001

The Crossfire mod team has posted some new screenshots of their upcoming Q3TC of the same name.  WTF is Crossfire?  I had the same question, so I decided to hit their FAQ to find out.  Here's a snip:
Crossfire is a total Conversion for Quake3Arena, that means : All aspects of Quake3Arena have been modified and changed. We ( that's the Crossfire Team ) have tried to modify especially the multiplayer aspects to create a much more team oriented game.  Through the implementation of different playerclasses, it is necessary for the team members to join forces and work together to be able to win. Each Team has its own playerclasses, each of them with unique weapons and special abilities.
Here's a short list of features that will be included in the TC:
  • about 20 Different Target Zones to simulate realistic Damage
  • Completely new Gamemodes
  • 6 different Playerclasses
  • 2 Teams ( Terrorists and SWAT ) - all about 20 weapons
  • Weapon Modifications ( Laser Accessoires, Grenade Launcher Addon, Silencer etc. )
  • New animated Playermodels
  • completely new realistic physics in quake3
  • over 30 new Console Commands and Cvars
  • fully bot support
  • about 12 maps ( including over 100 new textures )
  • New UI Main Menu
  • Unique Items ( like Night Vision Goggles, Thermatic Goggles etc. )
  • different kinds of grenades : Flashbang, Smoke Grenades, Senfgas Grenades
  • Radio Commands allowing the players to communicate with each other
Hmmm.  Seems like the 'net' has been getting pretty flooded lately with "realistic, class-based, teamplay mods."  It's all good, though with the sheer number of TCs out, it will be easy to miss the really good one.  I hope these guys deliver what they want to do with this one.  You can read more about this mod--and see the screenshots, hehe--right here.

Quake 3 Arena Map Review @ Z-Axis
by mayhemm @ [01:54 PM] July 20 2001

Karnatos continues his impression of "Quakedom's James Brown" by posting yet another Q3A map for review.  This time, Requiem's Duel Twilight steps into the reviewing spotlight of Z-Axis and North, the reviewer.  Wanna know a little of what was said about this map?  Here's a cut'n'paste:
...for this review, I am throwing my bias out the window. Why? Well, if I didnít, Requiem would probably be on the receiving end of a stereotypical ďI-hate-space-mapsĒ review. Mind you that is not the only reason Iíve given my preconceived views the boot. Iím reviewing this map, because I liked it. Yes, I, North, enjoyed playing this map. This isnít the type of map that will make you drool with its astounding use of lighting and texturing. Though by saying this I donít want to give you the impression that this isnít a solid map. It is.
North goes on to award this map a 31/2 out of 5.  Go ahead and check out the review and the screenshots right here.

QCheck 3.1.0 Released
by mayhemm @ [09:01 AM] July 19 2001

And the World keeps turning.....and deth from Qcheck is a fine example of that statement.  Every few weeks he comes out with a new version of QCheck, squashing bugs here and adding features there.  Of course, it works out for all of us, cuz we get a kick@$$ tool to use with mIRC and Quake!!  Today he has released version 3.1.0.  Here's a cut'n'paste of his release statement:
This release sports many new features, including support for The All-Seeing Eye server browser, a Favorites List, Plugins, and more. There are a few bug fixes as well (and probably a few new bugs...). The current installer allows the user to choose between English, Danish, French, and German installations of the script.
QCheck is a highly configurable addon for mIRC that sets the user "away" and makes customized announcements in IRC when he/she joins a game server through GameSpy and other supported Server Browsers. The addon has been in development since early 1998 and supports every game that the Server Browsers support.
Read more about it--or just get it--right here.

by mayhemm @ [08:44 AM] July 19 2001

Trujen gives us a shout pimpin' (and hoping we'll post something about it here, no doubt) his Q3Mod called QuakeWorldArena.  QuakeWorldArena, according to Trujen, is a Q3Mod for all of those deathmatchers who miss all the great weapons, maps, and physics of Quake1 multiplayer deathmatch--but adds some features that only Q3 can give.  Here's a little list of features:
  • original Quake maps
  • original Quake style backpacks support
  • original Quake player/weapon physics
  • original Quake sounds and new sound fx
  • original Quake rocket explosion
  • original Quake console commands using the "\" parameter
  • added original Quake powerups (ring, quad, pent, bio-suit)
  • added original Quake weapons (axe, sg, ssg, ng, sng, gl, rl, lg)
  • double telewarp support
  • centered weapons
  • ammo sharing support
  • all ranger color skins as well as new army skins
  • intelligent bots
So there ya go. If you wanna read some more about this mod, or look at some of the screenshots, go ahead and check 'em out right here.

Another Z-Axis Map Review!!??
by mayhemm @ [11:09 AM] July 18 2001

Karnatos, the hardest workin' man in Quake-bizzness--also from Z-Axis--has sent word that they have posted yet another map review for your perusal.† Reviewed by dolomite, Cast Into Shadows, by Dana (Quartz) Jan, is a Q3CTF map that, in dolomite's words, "is the best Q3CTF level ... thus far."† Sounds like a pretty strong endorsement for a Q3CTF map.† Here's a little more from the review:
There is really nothing wrong with this level. Get it, play it -- and mappers... study it.
Brushwork is flawless. Texturing is grand, yet not overdone. Lighting is beautiful. But CTFers will know that the gameplay is what counts and Cast Into Shadows reeks of gameplay. Bots seem intelligent on the level. The level is indeed unique, in that it doesn't steal to please. Everything is new and interesting.
Dolomite gives this map a "5 feet" rating, so you may want to check it out.† I'm downloading it right now.† Just click here.

Another Z-Axis Map Review!
by mayhemm @ [11:19 PM] July 16 2001

Karnatos from Z-Axis sends word that one of their review goons, Arklight, has just finished and posted a review of Urban Decay, a WFA map by RavenOus.  Does he have anything good to say about the map in the review?  You bet he does!  Here's a cut'n'paste to juice ya up:
Ravenous, thank god, goes for originality; I have looked and so far have not seen a bridge over water connecting two bases, which I must say, please try something else, heh. Urban decay does offer Public gamers a chance to play WFA in different settings and a change from the same old Slab kind of maps. The Originality in this map really adds on to the feel of being in an urban city instead of where most WFA maps are made from the same mold and take away from each other.
Read the rest of the review or check out those sweet-@$$ screenshots right here.

PainKeep Full Ready for Download!!
by mayhemm @ [11:21 AM] July 17 2001

Team Evolve gives us a shout in their second update in a week that they have now made version 2.6 of their popular, kick@$$ mod, PainkeepArena ready for download, and it's the full version!!† If you've never checked out this mod you have to try it once.† PKArena is a partial conversion of Quake3Arena, which brings 21 new maps, all new weapons and kewl-@$$ gameplay into the mix, in what has been called the "biggest, baddest free-for-all dm mod on the planet!!"† Right now there aren't any mirrors, but there should be soon.† The game weighs in at a hefty 89,5 megs so ya better bring your big pipe if you don't want to spend the whole week downloading it.† You can find out more about PKArena right here, or just grab that sucker right here if you want.

UPDATE -- The original download location was swamped by peeps scrambling to get the PKArena, so TeamEvolve found two more mirrors.
Here they are:
  • [ File Planet ] 89,527 KB (PKA 2.6) | Costa Mesa, CA, USA 
  • [ Gloome ] 89,527 KB (PKA 2.6) | Austrailia

WesternQ3 Weekly Update..
by mayhemm @ [02:30 PM] July 16 2001

Mark Argyle of Western Quake fame has sent word that they have posted the weekly status update of......drumroll please!!...Western Quake!!† He talks about the new music they will add to the game, some new features, the status of server availability, and even some screenshots.† You can check 'em out right here.

[SHOT1]† [SHOT2]† [SHOT3]

Just in case you don't know WTF Western Quake is all about, here's a little cut'n'paste from their FAQ:

WesternQ3 is a mod which wants to bring the awesome wild west-atmosphere to your stunning quake 3 engine! It will feature all new maps, weapons, skins and everything else I forgot! You will never play anything else again ;)
Hmm, some quote :)† To put it all in a nutshell, Western Quake is a total conversion of Quake3Arena, which takes the player back to the "good ol' days" of gunfights and shootouts when Western America was still the frontier.† WQ3 features a "dueling" gametype and "bank robbery" mission-based gametype.† The mod authors will be adding RPG features such a reward system and will give you a chance to earn money--to buy new weapons, of course.† Go ahead and give 'em a little visit.

Q3A Map Reviews @ Z-Axis
by awoq @ [01:12 PM] July 15 2001

There are two new map reviews waiting for your attention at Z-Axis. The first review is a Tournament-Style map (1v1) named Under My Skin by Joel "WViperW" McDonald.
The second review is a Capture The Flag map named Chromos Propaganda by Equino-x Forever.
Check out Z-Axis for these maps and many more!

New QRec v4.00 Release
by awoq @ [01:03 PM] July 15 2001

QRec v4.00, the demo recorder for Kingpin, Quake 2, and Quake 3, has just been released . The new release supports Quake 3 v1.29f and has been totally rewritten.
Here is a list of what is new in this version:
  • ENTIRE REWRITE. QRec v4.00 has been totally written from scratch. Why? I wanted to clean it up and remove the advertising idea, as well as other changes. Read on...
  • WINDOWS NOTE: The "MapName" and "AutoSlash" features of QRec will NOT work with any Windows version other than 9x. This means if you are using Windows NT, 2000, ME, or XP, then these features will NOT be available for your use. Sadly, nothing can be done to fix this because of the way those Operating Systems "protect" applications from being accessed by others. You can still use QRec to record your demos, perform condumps, and do screenshots, but the map name simply can NOT be included as part of the filenames.
  • CHANGE OF CONCEPT: QRec is now 100% Freeware and the advertising concept has been shot to hell like it always should have been. :) As a side-effect (!) QRec now starts immediately instead of with a delay due to the attempted ad downloads. Rock on! :)
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: Support for Q3 versions v1.11, v1.17, and v1.29f. This means you can use QRec with a clean off-the-CD install (v1.11), or with the very popular v1.17 release, or with the latest official patch (v1.29f). No longer do you need to keep older versions of QRec around just to play v1.11 or v1.17 with it.
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: You can now do JPEG screenshots with Quake 3, as well as the default TGA screenshots.
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: The graphical interface is BACK and the need to edit settings via "qrec.ini" is GONE. Just click QRec's icon in the system tray (next to your PC's clock) during gameplay and change the settings ON THE FLY: that's right, no need to restart QRec to apply the changes. Note: This requires that you can access your Desktop during gameplay, which can be accomplished by switching to windowed mode in the game. QRec keeps separate settings for each game it supports, so for example your Quake 2 settings won't affect Quake 3.
  • NOTES: Although the interface is back, QRec is still designed to be run instead of the game being played. For example, to use QRec with Quake 2 you must run QRec.exe instead of Quake2.exe, and likewise for the other games. Command line options are accepted by QRec and passed on to the game being played.

MOHAA Interview @ EAGames
by mayhemm @ [09:46 AM] July 15 2001

I finally found out when MOHAA (Medal of Honor:  Allied Assault) is coming out.  No specific date other than "Fall 2001," but sheesh, that's better than "When It's Doneô"  I also found out that it's being developed in.....Tulsa, OK!  Where did I get this info?  Well, the guys behind MOHAA, 2015, recently sat down with the publishers, EAGames, in an interview to put us all in the know.  Just in case you've been living under a rock, MOHAA is a Q3Engine-powered-Bad@$$-realistic-lookin' game which will put the player in the shoes of a soldier during WWII.  If you haven't yet, you just GOTTA look at the screenshots!  Here's a cut'n'paste from the interview to give ya sum w00D:
Q: Medal of Honor Allied Assault uses the powerful Quake III graphics engine. What challenges or opportunities has this provided to the development team for the first Medal of Honor adventure on the PC?
ST: The Quake III engine is extremely versatile and allows the development team to create vast levels that are exponentially larger than anything we've been able to do before -- both inside and out. The biggest thing, from a technology standpoint, is that it finally lets us realize the dream of building an Omaha Beach level that lives up to expectations that people have coming from a game in the Medal of Honor series. It was impossible to pull off before, but combine the talented team at 2015 with the Quake III technology and D-Day suddenly becomes a reality....

Q: Do the missions involve stealth tactics, all-out assaults, or a combination of both?
ST: Medal of Honor Allied Assault runs the gamut of disguise levels that involve stealth, missions where the player needs to cooperate with a squad to achieve its goals, sniper duels in an occupied French town, and all-out combat on a grand scale between the Allies and the Germans. It's everything in the previous games and a lot, lot more.
Read the rest of the interview right here.

Jedi Knight2: Jedi Outcast New Screenshot
by mayhemm @ [10:50 AM] July 14 2001

What is a Quake-Engined game, but just another Q3TC, albeit one that has been professionally made and costs $$?† With that question in mind, we can talk about LucasArt's Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.† The cool thing about JK2 is that LucasArts is not developing it; Raven is.† Yes Raven, the same developer that always seems to improve on the quake engine to give us kick@$$ games--with a story.† Anyways :), the Jedi Outcast site has been updated with a new in-game screenshot showing off one of the game characters.† Check it our right

While you're at it, why don't you visit the JK2 home and find out what this game is all about.† Props goes out to VoodooExtreme for giving me the heads up.

UrbanTerror 2.2 Released
by mayhemm @ [02:31 PM] July 13 2001

Some of you have been hearing the noise about Silicon Ice Development's bad@$$ Q3TC, UrbanTerror, and that nasty version 2.1 "disappearing" bug, which everybody has been screaming about.  Well, today, they released version 2.2, and they have fixed the bug (heh-unless there is another one ready to rear it's ugly head.)  Here's a cut'n'paste from their news page:
The release of Beta 2.1 for Urban Terror corrected many annoyances with with mod [readme.txt for 2.1, but introduced a few issues that were causing problems on the servers. With this in mind,Silicon Ice Development has spent the past week in search of answers. We have finally corrected the issues, such as the invisibility, the knife, we reset the spawn points and added code to prevent close spawning of teams. We also added the ability to use extra ammo with the HK69.
So there ya go and the world still turns.  BTW, I'm itching to snipe a few of ya ;-) so meet me at the nearest Q3UT2 server!!

New Gamespy 3D 2.54
by awoq @ [12:26 PM] July 12 2001

A new version of Gamespy 3D has surfaced on their website bringing the most popular server finder to version 2.54. The new version is for registered users and now supports the latest patch for SoF, removes WON.net authentication requirements and adds a few other gameplay tweaks. Also added to the new version is support for X-COM: Enforcer, a shooter set in the X-COM universe that uses the Unreal Tournament engine. A new build for the shareware version is in the works and should be released soon.

New Q3Log v.1.30
by awoq @ [07:27 PM] July 11 2001

A new version 1.30 of Q3Log has been released. Q3Log is a utility that lets you log your Q3A client and server stats in more than just HTML.
Here is a description of the utility:
"Q3Log, unlike most other log parsers, does not just generate HTML. Instead it displays its data inside a simple to use windows interface allowing the data to be sorted and graphed and displayed in a much more flexible way."
This new version now supports Urban Terror Beta2.
Here is a list of improvements
  • Changed Urban Terror variables to support Beta2.
  • Added support for summed games.
  • Fixed sorting of player lists and changed sorting to score based.
  • Fixed main stats counting short games and games with no players.
  • Fixed small frag and death tracking bug in some mods.
Find out more on the Q3Log site.

New PainKeep Arena Screenshots
by awoq @ [02:52 PM] July 10 2001

In an effort to keep us informed about the progress of PainKeep Arena, Team Evolve has posted new screenshots of a new level they are currently testing in the news section on their website. Word is that everything is going extremely well in testing, and the new alternative mode on the dragon is making for some interesting gameplay.

UrbanTerror Beta2.1 Released
by mayhemm @ [09:13 AM] July 10 2001

Good News!!  This is for peeps like me who, while playing UrbanTerror beta2, were "missing" point blank shotgun blasts.  I was browsing on the web and noticed that VoodooExtreme has posted that Silicon Ice, has released the long awaited beta patch (v2.1) for the popular Quake3 TC, Urban Terror.  Here's a cut'n'paste of some of the release notes just to give ya sum wood :):
Silicon Ice Development has completed work on the Beta 2.1 patch for Urban Terror Beta 2. What originally began as a patch, which was to include new Urban Terror levels is being released tonight as a patch only. Beta 2.1 will fix quite a few annoying bugs that have been causing all sorts of issues since the release of Beta 2 on June 1.
So there ya go peeps!  You can get it right here.

New Eternal Arena Version
by awoq @ [11:39 AM] July 07 2001

Version 4.7 of the Eternal Arena mod for Q3A has been released. Quite a few new features and fixes have been added to this version.
Here is the list:
  • New gfx and snd packs by Fusion
  • Some old options removed
  • Player settings back on mainmenu
  • Slight change to the background menu gfx
  • Demos put on setup menu
  • New pre-defined game configs, ready to launch from ingame
  • New weapons configuration screen Carnage gamemode - excessive blood and gibs, and big explosions
  • bugfix - Deaths on scoreboard removed, until I can fix them
  • bugfix - Quadwhore random spawning in other gamemodes
  • bugfix - Rocket Duel starting ammo now 30

GtkRadiant Testing Madness
by awoq @ [11:17 PM] July 06 2001

The Q3Radiant site has announced that nightly builds of their GtkRadiant map editor will be available in the developer area.
Here's what they had to say about it:
In an effort to make the latest improvements to GtkRadiant available to everyone, we are starting to release compiled versions of the current CVS source. We will update those setups regularly on the nightly builds page. Please note that the nightly builds are fairly untested binaries, and that they are not meant to replace the stable release of GtkRadiant (1.1-TA).

Happy 4th of July America!!
by awoq @ [01:28 PM] July 04 2001

The staff of Q3Arena.com would like to wish all of our U. S. visitors a very happy independence day. With a little luck, we will be able to sneak away from our festivities and frag a few fellow Quakers.

Full Metal Jacket Q3A Mod Update
by awoq @ [05:15 PM] July 03 2001

The Full Metal Jacket team has updated their site today. The site contains new screens, mod updates, and a new section on the website called armory. Check out the Full Metal Jacket site for more details.

Graeme Devine's .plan Updated
by mayhemm @ [01:14 PM] July 02 2001

Graeme Devine has updated this .plan with comments about his recently being voted into the International Game Developers Association.  He---errr, I'll just cut'n'paste that sucker right here :P
Some of you voted for me to join the board of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association), a position I am grateful to serve. We've just re-launched the IGDA website, if you're at all interested in game development then this is a great site to bookmark and visit for the forums and news. My stance to sneak onto the board was wanting to look ahead and make it easier for new people in the industry to come in at all levels, and understand what it is we do without having to go on such a critical "trial by fire" of their first game. One of my ideas there is my oft-talked-about, not-yet-done, public game development.  I still want to pursue this as game design remains a strong passion for me, and making something real through a group seems to be a good way to run people through the process. Anyway, this process will probably be something I now want to do through the IGDA, allowing IGDA members (hey, joining the IGDA is good for you!) to see the process in action. But not quite yet...  there's a lot of work out there this month for me. Between Apple stuff, Wolf, DOOM, and Q3A engine stuff I need to grow more fingers and a second brain.  Kinda like John (although I think John has the faster processor).

AEStats 4.75 Released
by mayhemm @ [01:09 PM] July 02 2001

Christopher Loewe of Aeon's Stats has released a new version of AEStats, bringing his nifty little stat parser to version 4.75.† Included in this release are the following changes:
  • added chaos ut (a ut mod) support with 18 weapon and 14 suicide obituaries.
  • added eternal arena (a q3a mod) support with 21 weapon and 15 suicide obituaries.
  • added deathmatch classic (a half-life mod) support with 9 weapon and 6 suicide obituaries.
  • added science and industry (a half-life mod) support with 13 weapon and 15 suicide obituaries.
  • added urban terror (a q3a mod) support with 16 weapon and 13 suicide obituaries.
  • updated infiltration (a ut mod) support with 13 weapon and 2 suicide obituaries.
  • updated tactical ops (a ut mod) support with 12 weapon and 2 suicide obituaries.
  • updated unreal tournament support with 17 weapon and 25 suicide obituaries.
  • had to drop strike fore (ut mod) support for now.
  • updated the html header files to point to their site.
AEStats is useful in that it automatically generates stats based a server's log file and generates ranking pages with meaningful stats in html format.† Read about it or just download that sucker right here.

UI Enhanced 1.0 Ready for Download
by mayhemm @ [12:58 PM] July 02 2001

Hypothermia sends word that he has released version 1.0 of UI Enhanced for Quake 3.† So... just WTF is UI Enhanced?† It's a modification of the User Interface supplied with Quake 3.† UI Enhanced only replaces the user interface part of Quake 3, leaving the client and server game untouched. This means it can work with other mods that only provide client and server code changes, and anything in the default user interface of Quake 3 can be changed.† Here's a short list of what UI Enhanced offers:
  • Improved model and skin chooser: separating out model types from the skins that go with them.
  • Selection of separate head and team models in the model/skin browser.
  • Model selection includes rotation controls for better range of viewing angles.
  • A model animator for preview of animations and sound fx.
  • Enable or disable map items from the in-game menu.
  • Current player model now shown on the startup menu page, and tracks the cursor for better preview. Model is animated after a short idle period. Direct link to player stats from the main menu page.
  • Bot command menu system for use in Team DM and CTF gametypes. In the style of the Unreal Tournament bot command menu. Key binding added to the setup menu, and auto-close to the game options.
  • Improvements to the addbot and removebot in-game menus: a picture of the selected bot is shown, along with its skill icon, and team colour if appropriate.
  • In-game menu adds a Next Map command, for any map type, but particularly tournaments. It also tries to put the tournament player(s) back into a game, rather than let them wait for the combat list to rotate.
There is more to the feature list than what I have posted, but in the interest of saving space, I have kept it short.† The source code is actually available so that mod makers can incorporate it into their mod.† In fact, one such mod, which uses UI Enhanced is the just released Eternal Arena 4.5.† You can check out screenshots of the UI, more of the above list or download it right here.

Eternal Arena 4.5
by awoq @ [05:00 PM] July 01 2001

The Eternal Arena site is now offering version 4.5 of their Q3A Mod. A great many improvements have been implemented in this new release including a new game mode called "Quad Whore" which sounds interesting.
Here is the list of new things included in this version:
  • Player model now animated on main menu
  • Dynamic ingame menu system
  • Dynamic bot commands
  • Improved Load & Save screens
  • New screen to configure all ingame items
  • New bot selection screen
  • Choose random, listed or handpicked bots
  • New map selection screen
  • Choose set frag/time/capture limits
  • Custom or Scripted limits
  • New server setup system
  • Animate model screen, and can rotate model
  • New model/skin selections
  • Removed particles from rocket trail
  • Gamemode selection moved to new server setup
  • Cosmetic menu changes
  • Quad Whore: dominate with the quad
  • PainFactor/Hunted gamemodes force GT_FFA to avoid conflicts
Get the download and find out more at the Eternal Arena site.

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